AGP card found in trash! Thoughts?

So I was looking around for a good AGP 8x interface graphics card and I couldn't seem to find what I wanted (or one i was willing to pay for.). Im cheap - big woop.

I currently have:
2.4ghz P4
2gb pc32000 ram
geforce 4ti 4200

I've had this setup for a long time and I'm looking to keep it going for a little while longer.. thing is I wanted dx9 and a card that can handle those types of games (and windows7).

Long story short - found an ATI graphics card just laying in the trash. :bounce: There seems to be nothing wrong with it at all and it has a ZALEMAN intercooler wrapped around it. I ran the product number and it came back as:

AIW 9800PRO 128M ENG/NA NTSC p/n1029571020 bios/1029571020.

x. I do not have an HDMI monitor, will an HDMI to VGA adapter be all i need to hook upto my VGA monitor??

X. Does this card need additional power?

x. How will it perform compared to my geforce 4 ti4200?

x. Card came with an intercooler - is this chipset known to overheat?
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  1. the 9800 does not have a hdmi output, perhaps you mean DVI in which case an adapter will be fine

    yes it needs power, mine used a floppy connector but the picture you up loaded has what looks like a molex connector

    look it up, they write this article once a month,2569-6.html

    no but the fan was rather loud
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