How often do cases short out?

I was wondering how common is it for cases or more specifically to my issue--the power button, to short out. I had this problem last year when I spent $70 for a diagnostic and told it was the motherboard, then tech guy (more seasoned than the person handling my computer) suddenly suggested looking at the power button as a possible issue. He used a metal rod to place inside the case and my computer posted. It saved me from having to buy a new board. Sadly, my comp shut off all of a sudden and I have to take it in again. It's not a power supply issue, cause I had a spare power supply lying around I swapped in and it didn't post. I'm hoping that it's the same issue--a power button short out. But I'm wondering if this is a common occurrence or a rare thing. And also if there's something I could do to prevent it from happening.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. I'm not sure I understand what you mean.

    All the power button does is complete the circuit. There are two pins on the motherboard that are connected to the button. When the button is pressed, it briefly shorts the two pins together to turn on the system.
  2. I think what your problem is is a broken button, if the button can't make a connection and complete the circuit and thus electricity can't flow through the system. But like the last guy, I'm not absolutely sure what you mean by a case shorting out, the case is literally a case, it does nothing more than store the computer.
  3. If you think that the power button is shorting out (on all the time) then as Enzo stated pull the tiny connector off the MoBo and put right back on. If the comp. starts get a new case it has to be old.( I reuse cases and never had a button fail)

    Not sure which connector to pull off, look in the manual for your MoBo it should be labeled PWR. you'll also have some around it like RST,SPK,HDD. Be carefull and remember which color wires go where, it doesn't matter for power but does for HDD and SPK
  4. I have actually seen several different cases where the power button jammed, all due to people eating or drinking near there computer and the crud builds up and button jams, use an pin to clear crud around button to see if it moves in and out naturally, and open case, find power switch wire, disconnect (remember how it connects), take a small screwdriver and make it touch the 2 pins that were covered by the cable, if PC functions, then button is issue, if doesn't it's the motherboard/PSU or anything in that matter.
  5. I recycle old computers for give-away systems. In over 20 (plus 5 or 6 of my own) systems, I have seen one bad power switch.

    You can test the way rattman suggested or you can simply swap the power switch with the reset switch and try to boot with the reset switch.
  6. With stability of the PCs today. I never have the need to replace PC power button or reset button in more than 10 years.

    My pcs goes to sleep mode then wakes up when a key is pressed or a miced is moved.
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