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Hello all, just a quick question. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to over clock my AMD phenom II x6 1100t @3.30 GHz to about 3.5 GHz or even 3.8 GHz. Right now its sitting at 3.5 GHz but I haven't put it through anything tough yet like games or stress tests, I'm a little concerned to do so. I plan on ordering an after market cooler sometime son so I can further my over clocking but for now I'm stuck with the normal stock cooler. If I do decide to purchase an after market cooler, what would be my best bet? water cooling or just a big head sink with push/pull fan configuration? Thanks!
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  1. What kind of temps were you getting with the stock cooler at stock speeds?
  2. I would only go with a 10 percent oc with stock cooling..
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    First you definitely need to test your overclock for stability with prime95 or Intel Burn In Test. That's a MUST DO. If you pass this test you know for sure that you can game and do anything you want and have no issues. As long as you stay below about 80c, you'll be fine.

    For cheap air cooling the Hyper212 Evo is pretty good. But I would get something like the Xigmatech Dark Knight. I think that's what it's called. It's about 50 bucks. And you'll be able to pretty much get your max overclock out of a 50 dollar air cooler. If you go with water cooling at least get the H80i from corsair. That's the very least I would get. Don't get the H60 as it won't even cool as good as the Evo.
  4. christop said:
    I would only go with a 10 percent oc with stock cooling..

    That's a good guess on stock cooling if done correctly
  5. At stock speeds my temp at idle was about 28c but with it clocked to 3.5 GHz it stays around 34c when idle. I'm about to test it with prime95 for about 10 hours because I hear thats a decent time. I'll have to order a decent cooler I guess because I realllllly don't want to buy an intel ship and mobo just to play a few games absolutely maxed out :p Over clocking should do a decent job though.
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  7. I just played Crysis 3 for a good hour or so, temps reached about 57c, Good or bad? I'm kind of worried to keep playing. I'm not seeing too much performance increase either, kinda of dissapointing because I bought a new GPU and still can't run max and I'm not even at 1080p yet ): Oh well, I'll take my chances with overclocking I guess.
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