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I recently put my main rig in a new case. After doing so I had an extra case, motherboard (ASUS A8n-SLI Premium) with processor and 4 gigs of ram laying around. So I decided to buy a terabyte hard drive and make it a file server running Windows Home Server (just found out about FreeNAS though, seriously considering it). As it turns out, the fans are a lot louder than I expected and I think I need to replace them, but I'm not sure with what. I need something nice and quiet. This system will only have power and network cable connected to it (no monitor, kb, mouse) and it won't be used for anything but serving up files.

Any suggestions?

As I was writing this, I discovered FreeNAS... Now I'm SERIOUSLY considering finding the smallest case and Socket755 motherboard I can find. Then putting a SATA to CF Card Adapter in it, and getting a 1 gig CF Card and running FreeNAS on it... OR even getting a 16 GB CF Card and running Home Server from it... Should I invest in fans for the system I already have or go with this plan? The smaller/quieter the case and fans are the better.
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  1. Ok after researching I found this fan, seems really quiet and it has a low CFM and Noise level which should work great for case fans.

    Any one suggest against it?
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