New memory doesnt go to sleep right?

got a set of g skill 2x4gb 1333ghz modules today and my system recognizes it but when i put the computer asleep it goes to sleep but wakes up saying it was shut down improperly. this shuts down anything that i had up so does anyone have an idea of how to solve this problem or do i need to return them for new ones?
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  1. It could be incompatible RAM, you need to post your MOBO and ALL of the RAM part-numbers {or link to all RAM}.

    Otherwise, check your RAM with G.SKILL ->
  2. its a toshiba satellite a665 so mobo idk. the ram model number is f3-10666cl9d-8gbsq
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    G.GKILL's configuration isn't working, and Notebook RAM is VERY picky therefore contact G.SKILL .

    There are a TON of A665 models so IDK. I typically recommend Crucial because their configuration is 'the best.'

    I would suggest that you run Check Disk procedure:
    Click My Computer, and then right-click {C:} drive.
    Click Properties, and then click Tools.
    Click Check Now button, and select both options {Automatically... & Scan...}
    Click Start and schedule
    /this procedure will rule-out both corrupt System Files and Corrupted Sectors on the HDD. It's good routine maintenance.

    At the very least in the BIOS, I would enter the BIOS and "Load Defaults/Optimized", and if your manual has a Clear CMOS procedure the follow it; you'll need to reenter Date & Time info.

    Next, if your BIOS allows you to manually configure the RAM then you should enter the Speed, CAS and Voltage in the BIOS.
    1333 MHz 9-9-9-24 @ 1.5V
  4. will doing the bois thing erase anything?
  5. No, everything I posted here is non evasive, and the 'Check Disk procedure' is performed as routine maintenance on all of my PCs. Both options take ~ 20 minutes.

    Also, if you 'screw-up' manually setting the BIOS then just "Load Defaults/Optimized", Save & Exit = 'Yes'. I've found 'most' Notebook BIOS to be VERY limited, and I'm not even certain that you can access the CAS settings. But I'm pretty sure you can set the DRAM Frequency = 1333 MHz.

    The S1~S4 Sleep modes rely on uncorrupted writes to the HDD, and 8GB is a lot of writing. You can also test Sleep Mode with PassMark's Sleeper ->

    Keep in mind my initial post "It could be incompatible RAM..."
  6. Also, as maintenance -- let's clear the OLD PAGE file; see the image below. Click 'No Page File' and set then restart. Afterwards, click on Automatically manage Page File and restart.
    /That does erase the old page file, but again it's another maintenance item. It is a temporary system scratch file. My way is less evasive than Microsoft's ->
  7. hdd is good and did the virtual ram thing. i emailed g skill so hopefully they can help me out. the one thing is that this laptop is actaully a loaner till my lenovo y560 is fixed so do you know if it will work right with that model? i have this for about another month
  8. Ask G.SKILL, as I mentioned Laptop RAM is a 'finicky' thing. I would be way more concerned about getting RAM suitable for your non-loaner Laptop.
  9. i dont have it so i dont know how. maybe they would know what laptops their memory works on for sure?
  10. G.SKILL 'should' know if their Laptop RAM will or will not work; this is why I recommend that you contact G.SKILL. I would request 100% confirmation over 'it should' -- if you get a should then I would exchange for Crucial and use their configuration.
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