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i just formated my pc and now i dont have network drivers and i am such a noob so i dont even kno what i must search :D
All computer specs:
Thankyou !
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  1. I have windows XP Professional
    Bump !

  2. Yama310 said:

    Thank you, but it says to install driver through the Device Manager. How i can do that
  3. When you install the driver (with the .exe you downloaded), it supposed to work without using the Device Manager.
  4. It says this: The original drivers are strored in theC:\Softpac\sp26744 folder. Please install the driver through the Device Manager
  5. OK. So, from the Device Manager, right click on the network card and choose Update Driver.

    It will ask you to choose between and automatic research or manual search. You will choose Manual and then, browse to the folder C:\Softpac\sp26744

    To get the Device Manager:

    You can find a tutorial here:
  6. thats okay but after that it ill say: yes, connect and search for the software on the internet, or No, do not connect to the internet now, doesnt matter if i click on No or Yes it says The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the neccessary software
  7. I burned these files to cd also, then it sayd, the wizard could not find the software on your computer for ... Other PCI Bridge Device
  8. on cd also *
  9. Best answer
    OK, so try this: browse to C:\Softpac\sp26744 and double click on setup.exe
  10. then it says this:The original drivers are strored in theC:\Softpac\sp26744 folder. Please install the driver through the Device Manager
  11. Ok. I downloaded it on my computer and tried it. This package is... crappy.

    So, follow this procedure and at the step 10/11, browse to C:\softpaq\sp26744\LAN_nVidia.

    Hope i will be ok this time.
  12. Oh my god =). This time i reached pretty far, step 9 i had to click on have disk. So i did this, ( i burned drivers on cd also like i said) so i picked my cd location, i saw NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator. I was so happy, i clicked next and installed It.

    BUT then it said Cannot Start Hardware. There was a problem installing this hardware: NVIDIA Network Bus Enumerator.'This device cannot start. ( code10)
    Im losing hope
  13. note:
  14. Hey, i asked support from hp and they told me to install this:
    And i got this.
    Yama310 Thank you too for help.
  15. Sorry, I didn't see your last comment yesterday.

    Happy that your problem has been resolved.
  16. this is SOLVED but i dont see this medal thingy so i cant honor you
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