Overclocking GTS 250

I have a gaming/editing rig and I want to get the best performance out of it. I have had this for a couple of years now and I have never wanted to overclock because I didn't feel i needed to but I think now is the time. I can already run skyrim on ultra but I was wondering if I could run Far Cry 3 on Ultra if I overclock my GPU.


i7 860 2.8ghz
GTS 250
Gigabyte P55-US3L
8gb RAM
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  1. hmm depends on what resolution you wanna play at and how big of an overclock. I've seen far cry 3 played on the gts 250 at 720p resolution. worked great. As far as 1080p goes it probably won't. You will probably have to go down to medium settings. The overclock might help a bit but that really depends on how big of an oc it will be and how much performance your graphics will need to increase to get to playable frame rates at ultra settings on 1080 resolution.

    Use msi afterburner to overclock your card. increase in increments until you hit the frequencies that no longer run stable... for a good overclock you may need to raise voltage and will need good cooling.

    Side note: I used to own a gts 250 a few moons back. Was a good enough card for me at the time... then I got a 285 classified and after that got a 560 ti (high overclock) and now I got a 570 for 200 bucks off of ebay. Today I overclocked the 570 to the performance of a slightly overclocked 580. I'm happy. Though I did mod the bios and flashed the oc and voltage to the card... a bit risky but usually the most stable and permanent overclock...

    In a secondary system I had gone through other cards including the 6870, 6970 lightning, and now 480 that I got for 175 bucks from evga b-stock...

    PS: I had an msi gts 250 that didn't oc too well... I could only get a max of 40Mhz out of it before performance would tank. FPS would literally go down like crazy if I went over that 40Mhz... Now I think that was because it needed more voltage in order to go anywhere... but I couldn't add any, it was locked. Maybe a modded biod could unlock the voltage control but i'm not sure about that...
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