Possible to flash bios if computer does not boot

I have a computer from 1997 with windos XP went to plug it in and there isn't any power? What is wrong. I dislike my new one with vista. It was built but by pro fessional. Thank you
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  1. What would flashing the BIOS do for such an issue? Absolutely nothing.
  2. You need a new CMOS battery, since you have the PC sitting so long without power!
  3. Although a new battery is needed, I would still expect the PC to power on if the components are still functional.

    Something died and without more details it'd be hard to say which part.

    With hardware that old I suggest you stick with the Vista PC.
  4. He's right the mobo should still startup but not hold the bios settings. Maybe board just died?
  5. I would start with the wall outlet ...
    Then, I would move to the power chord.
  6. Trish_40 said:
    I have a computer from 1997

    I don't think we have to read more than that...it's what a Pentium I Pentium II in there?

    Also, this is not posted in the right forum.

    Actually, not sure why this category even exists.
  7. Oh ....

    ... Hey? ... Trish? ... Time for a new computer !

    ... SOLVED !!! Best ansewer goes to: = Alvin Smith = ( yay! ... and the crowd ROARS! )

    [:bilbat:5] [:bilbat:5] [:bilbat:5]
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  8. I doubt the OP will read this thread...
  9. Well, ... I doubt the OP is (was) a real person !

    = Ribit =
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