Computer does not boot

Hi , im having a issue on my dad's computer , today his graphic card just blew up the capacitors and it was a XFX8600GT.

As i saw it i changed his graphic card but i get like i get the initial things like checking all the components i get to the part were the computer reads cd's to install a new OS but from there on is only black screen nothing more loads i already changed PSU , and graphic card.

On the black situation my screen detects that its connected but nothing appears.


CPU: Q6600 @ default
Ram : TeamElite 1gb*2
MotherBoard: P5k-e Wifi-ap
Gfx: asus ati1600
Psu: Corsair tx 650w

I appreciate any help
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  1. Does it post?
  2. if you are talking about the beeps nope the pc dosent beep and i dont have any speaker on that case.

    but he makes the S.M.A.R.T thing and it says its good to go but puff , black screen.
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