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need help figuring out a high end graphics card for my htcp
computer specs are
rampage extreme, phenom 965 be, ocz z-drive 1tb ssd, 16gb g.skill memory, plextor black blue-ray burner and a 1000w corsair psu basically it needs to power my 60in led tv use netflix/blue-ray want crisp clear picture quality don't want junk thanks input greatly appreciated
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  1. Are you gaming? If not you don't need a very expensive card. The HD5670 is about the most I would consider for HTPC purposes.
    If you are gaming then look at the HD5850/70 and/or wait for the impending release of the new Nvidia cards.
  2. would a 5670 give the same end result as the 5970 for my application
  3. Quote:
    would a 5670 give the same end result as the 5970 for my application

    assuming you have no intention to play games, yes.

    a 5670 would be about perfect IMO. more than capable of HD video playback, but not too over powered (or over priced) for the job.
  4. You have a Corsair 1K W PSU on an HTPC???!!!!!! :o

    The term overkill comes to mind. :heink:

    Anyway, if you are only going to watch movies, then I would suggest a 5670 or the passively cooled 5750 from Powercolor. If you want to do gaming then that's a bit of a challenge since gaming cards aren't that quiet ^_^
  5. What benefit would an HD5750 give him? It's just a waste of money.
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