Where to get a Lian Li PC-B25FWB window side panel, delivery to UK

Hi there,

Does anybody know where I can buy the window side panel for the Lian Li PC-B25FWB for delivery to the UK. Reasonable prices only please. Approximately 40 UKP including delivery is reasonable to me.

After being sent the case with no side panel and having had my time wasted by scan.co.uk, with poor manners too, over the last two days, I really need to get building my pc. If I don't, then find my parts don't work, I'll not be able to return them.

Case as advertised by scan can be found here: note they told me they would never get these in (only after I called in many times. Each time they told me they would call me as soon as they knew - I left my mobile number. They did not. They only sent me an email.)



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  1. You could try getting it directly from the company, check out their website and talk to customer support. Other than that your best bet is to check out websites like crazy... sorry, not much help.
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