HD5970: my 3dmark06 score is far to low


i recently bought a HD5970 card (from Club3D) and after running a 3dmark06 i came up with a disappointing score of 17300.

my system:
CPU: Q9650 @ stock
Memory: 4x1Gb 12800 DDR3 (OCZ)
GPU: HD5970 @ stock (Club3D)
Mobo: asus P5E3 deluxe
audio: Asus Xonar DX

With such a system, i would expect a much higher score.
Is something wrong with my graphics card?
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  1. listen...
    are games running fast?
    than why are you complaining? 3dmark is just a number.. real world is GAMES!!!
    post gta 4 or crysis FPS or any other modern game
  2. its your CPU bottlenecking in 3dmark06 which isnt a surprise as 3dmark06 is heavily CPU intensive and if your running the default settings you'll be running it at 1280x1024

    I get 26400 with a 5850 @ 920/1200, but I need my Core i7 920 to be at 4.4Ghz!

    Nothing is wrong with your graphics card, or any other part of your system. Like _orbital_ said what matters is in game performance.

    If you don't believe me then just overclock your CPU by 400mhz and watch your score jump up a few thousand points.
  3. You have a core2quad, which is hurting your score. Overclock it, as mentioned above, and see your score climb. Also, WHY are you using 3Dmark06? Get Vantage, it is DX10 and is much friendlier to the newer hardware. I get about 26,000 in 3dmark06 and it is all because of my 4GHz i7. If I put your card in my system, I'd probably get about 28-30K. Your score is fine, it won't reflect in your game play.

    Besides, do you really sit around and run 3dmark all the time to get your jollies? It's a benchmark tool and that is it. Are your Frames hurting in games?
  4. Everything runs smooth, except Metro 2033.
    I can't run it smooth on very high settings and resolution of 1440x900.

    My buddy can run it smooth on the same settings on his HD5850 and i7 920 (everything on stock).

    Since my 5970 should be able to supply at least twice the performance compared to his 5850, i was wondering if something was wrong.
  5. You can check out this page of an article on Metro 2033. It shows how with FSAA on, the CPU hinders performance. Not sure if this is the issue, but the argument is with FSAA on it doesn't even do a good job. Try turning it off and see what happens. It seems that this part eats your CPU.

  6. I already was running it with AAA instead of MSAA. Couldn't find a way to stop doing AA alltogether.
    Will do a 3DMarkVantage and see what the result are there.
  7. 3D Mark 2006 is the worst benchmarking tool for games ever. It only measures CPU speeds...
  8. on 3dmark vantage -> P17473. Still seems low.
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