I'm looking to build a new computer, What hardware do you suggest?

Ok, here is the situation... I am a pretty geeky person but I also know that there are a lot of computer components that people find for a good deal and a lot of other people can't find it as easily so I want to see if I can get some good deals from the community here. Im looking to build a Gaming Rig so the Video Card, CPU , and motherboard must be good in ratings, I wouldn't mind good ratings on the other components though.

Im a PC Gamer, my budget is $1,200 but go lower if you can.

I will select a best answer, so if you can find some good deals and its among the best parts then go for it!

Please Include Links to the part online.

Please don't get all your info from Newegg, I surf the site a lot, i'm looking for better deals than that.

What I Need:

After Market Coolers (for Video Card and CPU)
Video Card
RAM (at least 6 GB)
Hard Drive (or SSD)(at least 200 GB)
DVD/CD R/W (I'll be getting 2)
Media Card Reader
Large Tower Case
Surround Sound System
Monitor (at least 24")(Widescreen Preferred)

If you respond thank you for your time.
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  1. Wrong forum. Whats your budget? Are a pc gamer? More information...
  2. check microcenter.com I only bought a 2GB ram(pc 3200), back in the day.. but check that out! good luck !
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  4. First off, newegg (at least in the US) is the standard of comparison because they consistently have competitive prices. Of course, there will be deals here and there, but it'll take months of techbargain and slickdeal lurking to have every component you purchase a hot deal. With that said, and unless that $1200 is in Euros, I doubt you can get everything you listed (mostly due to SSD requirement).

    A "cheap" 24" monitor will run you ~$200

    A quality full ATX will run you over a $100, though if you're flexible with this requirement, you could scale down to larger mid ATX cases like the HAF 922, going for $80 AR + FS

    As mentioned, a 200+ GB SSD will run you an easy $600, half your budget. If that's not what you meant; my mistake. A 500gb/1TB Spinpoint F3 should be your HDD of choice, however.
    A ~60gb SSD should run you anywhere from ~$150-$200, depending on which SSD you get. Tom's had 2 articles covering several different SSDs. Pick one out that best suits your usage and price point, though I'd imagine if this rig is specifically for gaming; then you'd be looking for something with good random access time.

    You mention having at least 6gb of RAM. Either 1) you want to stay on the LGA 1366 platform, which makes use of triple-channel memory or 2) may not be aware that RAM has a marginal role in gaming performance. Either case, I would recommend sticking to an i5-750 or PII 955 build. Both offer competitive price to performance for a gamer; but of course, this would mean dropping down to 4gb of RAM to make use of dual-channel. Once again for good measure: you don't more than 4gb for gaming. Sticking to AM3/LGA 1156 will save you a bit of money as well. You could pick up an i5 750 for cheaper than most online etailers at Micro Center. If you don't have one close by, utilizing newegg combo deals would be your best bet. I cannot recommend a specific motherboard to you without knowing whether you want to SLI/CFX and/or SATA 6gbps and USB 3. If you're lucky or patient, you can keep updating yourself with Fry's weekly ads.
    Here is a link that shows the progressive weekly deals.

    A 5870 will be around $400-$450
    Newegg has a few 5870 in stock, the cheapest going for $400. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102883&cm_re=5870-_-14-102-883-_-Product

    Just those parts puts you near budget. See where I'm going with this?

    A quality 650-750w PSU (antec, corsair, etc.) from a top tier brand will be something between $60-$80+
    A decent/good OCZ psu will still be ~$50

    A 5.1 sound system would largely push this over budget, even with a lower quality set. My recommendation for a good surround sound system, as an audiophile, may make your eyes bleed. :(

    My advice would be to narrow down what is most important to you and NOT budget your peripherals with your PC. A monitor and speaker system can be purchased down the line and IMO you should focus as much of your budget as possible into getting the best possible parts.

    EDIT: Should also note that you could drop down from a 5870 to a 5830/5770 depending on the types of games you play. Though with a 19x10 monitor, I would try to keep a 5850/70.
  5. Well for the coolers, and case check out: http://www.frozencpu.com/
    otherwise check out Tigerdirect, and newegg (I noticed shipping is cheaper from tiger, anyone else?)
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