Corssfire DX 10.1 and 11

So it is to my knowledge that ATI cards do not have to be the same to work in crossfire together.

So to take that a step further to what extent ?

Could I use a 5xxxx card that supports up DX 10.1 and then later down the road when I pick up a DX 11 card, crossfire them together and still be able to run on dx 11 ?
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  1. every 5xxx card supports dx11, and i wouldnt crossfire two different cards, you get the best performance from crossfire when you crossfire two identical cards.
  2. I agree with Derbixrace, there are no DX10.1 ATI 5xxx series cards, all of them are DX11.

    Unless you're getting a 5770 or something higher, you'd probably be able to buy a single card that is faster than even the identical X-Fired cards.
  3. Ok, changing the question

    Could I say run a 4870 and later on the road pick up up a 5770/5870/6xxxx card that runs DX 11 and crossfire the 2 and still run DX11

    Basically I want to know if that can still be done. I am doubtful. But while I don't have any immediate plans to run crossfire, I would like to know if the option would exist to do so when I inevitably have to upgrade. (Planning for the future here)

    and its no use to crossfire different cards because you get better performance by crossfiring identical cards
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