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Hi everyone, Im looking to build one more computer for my gaming needs.

I need it to be able to play average graphics games, like conterstrike.

I have $300 to spend on this.

I already have the harddrive and cd-rom.

I dont need any fancy case. Id like to try to have it all simplified to the ability of having one game running, and a vmware opened with another game running inside.

Can anybody show me what I should buy?

It doesnt matter amd or inter, probably amd is better cause of prices but I dont know.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sry but ur being a little ignorant now, why dont u just reserve yourself to simply answer my question? I got 3 computers, 1 above 2k and 2 more around 800-1k each..

    I need this one for a specific end and I know that I can build something for $300 that will work as Im expecting.

    So if u plz dont mind answer my question or dont post at all, cause comments like that are worthless on this thread
  2. alright lets put it this way, ofc I will go newegg I buy from there for years, I just need some opinions on WHAT to buy,..

    and if u cant find processors for 100bux or even less than that, u must be looking at the wrong neweggs for sure.. lol..


    Im looking for something similar to this kind of prices, but maybe just different components, since I dont need hardrive or dvdrom, I can probably get some better deal if picked on separately combos..

    And thats all Im asking, opinions on what to buy this cheap to achieve what Im looking for.
  3. nah man, its ok

    but yea theres rly cheap combos, besides the fact that I dont rly need a very cheap psu as well.. so its mainly just like some dual core processor, some nice and stable motherboard and say 2gigs of ram, plus some random case and random psu, and finally some graphics around 8600 - 8700gt, works perfect for what im looking for... ati cards probably cheaper..

    this is what im looking for basically, and id like to hear some opinions on which ones I should buy that work good with each other.. specially motherboard, cpu and graphics.. thats where im undecided the most.. weather amd or intel, as well as which ones..
    case and PSU

    $300 can be a tough to budget, but not if some exploring is done. The parts listed are $298.92 including shipping.
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  6. For something like this I'd hit up ebay. Go to the CPU + mobo section for AMD and generally anything around a 4600+ x2 you should go for. (probably about $100 or possibly alot less depending on the motherboard itself) Then like a 3870 for $60-70 and any $25 case (like a gigabyte one I just grabbed) then a decent earthwatts or rosewill green series for about $50. Then it's just up to what kind of RAM you can run across on ebay as well as how many slots the mobo has. I won a 2GB auction for like $26+4 shipping.

    Although there seem to be lots of people not willing to use ebay for this stuff for some reason.
  7. ty so much guys, this is exacltly what I was looking for, some opinions..

    The regor and that motherboard win, I already had those in mind, and u just proved I was right.. oh as well as that ram, cause thats exactly what I need, some 1333.

    the graphics probably will win too, Im sure I can do w.e Im planing with that card and its not that expensive

    so just gona check better on the case and psu, but i like the antec idea.. just gona take a better look myself..

    about ebay i honestely dont like too much of it, it doesnt seem much secure to me, or maybe cause im just used to buy everything from newegg and trust them :) but thx for the idea anyway..
  8. Eh, I've never had a problem with it. I guess that's why I always get really good prices from there. What I was suggesting is really only slightly slower in the CPU department for alot less money, and for specifically gaming on a budget like that the difference between the two literally doesn't matter. Especially if you're looking at such a weak graphics card. (cause it's all about balance and stuff) I wouldn't bother getting a case or PSU on ebay though. But ebay is plenty secure, if someone says that their item works and it doesn't, you just have to dispute it on paypal and you will get your money back. I've never needed to though, everything I've gotten from there works fine. (I've also sold some stuff too)

    Oh, and there's no way to really run any game in a virtual machine, I'm pretty sure they have no access to the 3D capabilities.

    But that 4650 isn't going to do anything for you gaming wise. It just isn't fast enough.
  9. Vmware is not simple.
  10. Quote:
    Don't buy from ebay. I cannot stress enough on why people buy electronic components on ebay. Listen, do not buy off ebay for the hardware you might reieve be bad, damaged by the original user/handeler or it is missing parts,( yes, some guys reported missing parts.)

    Stay with newegg and as for RAM, get a good corsair stick or OCZ. What cahnnel do you want?

    How could you possibly be "missing parts" from RAM? Sounds like just another guy who's never actually tried it and is just preaching "it could be bad for you". That's what reading the description and looking at feedback is literally there for. For things like RAM, it either works or it doesn't - there's no real way to mess that up. I probably wouldn't buy hard drives there (except for from businesses that just operate there) just because of what those are and what shipping could do. But the rest of the stuff? I do that all the time and it always just works, no DoA's to speak of - especially since they were being used already so the dead stuff from the factory is already out of the pool. The very nature of this stuff lends it well to being bought and sold used since the lifetimes are at minimum 10+ years and there's really nothing in the way of that, on top of the fact that you probably won't be using it that long so it doesn't make a bit of difference.

    Oh and OCZ DDR3? *shudders*
  11. yea I was browsing and getting my cart done, and found some nice crossair ram instead of the kingstone.

    vmware cant run games? this card cant run games? lol .. brahs u need to inform urself better.

    on all of my 3 computers, I have TWO (NOT only 1), vmwares running games 24/7 on each computer, plus the main windows that I usually have another one if Im not using the computer. I use vmware for years btw.

    as well as on the cheapest 2 computers I already have I got a gt9600 and the other one a gts8800 512mb... they both run fine according to my needs.
  12. And those are both way faster than a 4650? (not getting the point of your measuring next to cards like that) I mean that thing can sort of limp along, but it's not really fast enough. Good luck with that.
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