How to configure raid 0 in Gigabyte X58A-UD9 Board

Hello there, just got my rig put together in one piece. Need some advise on setting up Raid 0 on my X58A-UD9 board..I got 2 times 250GB SATA. As i understand there's already a built in RAID controller on UD9 Board? Marvell & Gigabyte controllers is it? If it is so could someone give some step by step guide (Beginner) on setting up RAID 0? Never done this in the past and got to do this thing as early as i get some lead from you folks. Thanks in advance.

My rig: Coolermaster HAFx, Gigabyte X58A-UD9, Intel i7 980x, Patriot ViperII 24GB DDR3 (4GB x 6), Nvidia Quadro FX 3800, Thermaltake Frio CPU cooler, Thermaltake Toughpower grand 750w PSU, 2 x 250GB SATA (Raid 0 - OS), 2 x 1TB SATA (Raid 0 - Storage)
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  1. The best thing to do, IMO is to go step by step and follow what the manual says. I've set up several gigabyte boards with RAID0 and it always takes me a few tries before I get it right.
  2. Hey spooky, i did in fact went through the manual and reached up to this point.

    1. Changed to Raid (XHD) in the Bios 2. Booted with the XP (x64) cd and pressed F6 to install third party RAID drivers..When i reached this point there was just the Intel ICH10R raid controllers and not the Gigabyte or the Marvell...However i went ahead chosing the Intel and went on to proceed with XP installation..within moments i get a blue screen suggesting me i could have a i changed the hard drives and added brand new 1TB x 2 nos. and did teh same again..and guess what..its the same damn thing..i was hoping the local gigabyte support guy would help me but all they did was assemble and not install the damn OS..I am gonna keep trying..meanwhile if you had similar experience would you be kind enough to share em with me? thanks mate.
  3. The RAID drivers should be on the board CD, not the Windows CD. You will need the Windows CD after you have RAID0 set up and are ready to install windows.
  4. All of my experience with setting up RAID0 is with Windows 7. XP may be a little different. You might have to download the RAID drivers from Gigabyte from another comp, then load them with a floppy or flash drive. And then load XP. You can probably load the drivers from Gigabyte CD with another computer, to a floppy or flash drive. I've always set up the BIOS then inserted the Gigabyte driver CD to load the RAID drivers.
  5. First... use Win7 as you are a newbie to RAID...

    Connect all your HDDs on SATA2_2, _3 (ICH10R)... Enable XHD in BIOS which you already did...
    RAID0 striping size could set to 16KB for better performance...

    If you have to go with XP... visit Gigabyte website for F6 pre-install driver. Load it to your floppy... press F6 when XP installation prompts on the beginning...
  6. First..... do you know how to access the BIOS to activate the raid settings?
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