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I have been doing some research on how one should install Windows 7 OS on a SSD.

I understand that the highly recommended practice is to unplug all SATA power cables from HDDs except for SSD.
once done, users are able to proceed on to installing Windows 7.

i would just want to find out why do we need to perform this step of unplugging? Is it to prevent windows from installing the 100mb system image backup onto the HDD? If so, wouldn't it be easier to just leave it unformatted first?

How i had done it was like this:

(1) Did not unplug any SATA power cables. HDD, SSD and DVD Drive all connected.
(2) Switch on and go into BIOS. Change IDE to AHCI
(3) put in windows 7 DVD. boot up from DVD
(4) did not format SSD or HDD.
(5) choose SSD to install windows 7.
(6) Windows 7 installation completed. restart computer and boot up from DVD again.
(7) formatted HDD

isn't it easier? Or am i missing something important regarding the step of unplugging the power cable from HDD?

Require advice. Thanks! :D
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    The method of unplugging is if you already have OS on the HDD. After you installed the OS on the SSD then just boot from the SSD and format the HDD using windows tools (disk management) is enough.
  2. If the HDD has not been initialized and partitioned, that should be fine. Most Have a HDD that has already been set up. Hense the Unknown about the status of the HDD(s), so to cover all bases it simpler tho just recommend unplugging them.
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