CPU Upgrade for CQ60-100ED notebook

I have a CQ60-100ED notebook. It uses an AMD Sempron SI-40 2.0 GHz single-core processor. This is a Socket S1 processor. (Maybe S1G2?)

I want to know if it is possible to upgrade this to a better processor, I already have an AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-60 'Tyler' 65nm here. I've installed it on the motherboard, though the notebooks seems unable to bootup with this cpu. (Lights turn on, screens keeps black, when i switch the CPU's again everything works fine)
I've updated my bios from the F.27 to the F.54 BIOS as well. (downloaded from the HP/Compaq website)

I have no idea why it won't bootup, I've read on some other forums, that the switch should be possible.
Does anybody have an idea how I can get the TL-60 to work? (Motherboard modelno.:498460-001)

If this is impossible, could anybody let me know what processors my laptop's motherboard can handle, I'd really appreciate it. If someone could suggest which processor(s) would provide the best performance boost, that'd be awesome, too.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Hello Bas,

    This might come awfully late to you, but I have ur answer. First of all.. I'm Dutch too (echt waar). I've been reading a fair bit on this topic and I found out there are a lot of people around the globe having problems changing a (AMD) cpu. This is why I'll continue in English.
    The compaq cq60-100ed has AMD Sempron SI-40 cpu (single core running at 2 Ghz). This cpu is placed on a S1 socket. Now, here's the trick. AMD has several S1 sockets. S1G1 (socket 1 , Generation 1?) , S1G2 (generation 2?), S1G3 and S1G4.
    When you search carefully on the internet you'll find the SI-40 is S1G2 cpu.
    Here's the important thing. As far as I've learnt the cpu's are NOT!!! compatible to any other socket then their native ones. Not even backward compatible. So, a S1G2 cpu will ONLY work in a S1G2 socket mobo.
    As you know, in Holland a dual core Turion TL-60 is easy to come by. I too own a Compaq cq60-100ed and I too tried the very same thing you did. This is to try and use a Turion TL-60 which is a S1G1 cpu on a S1G2 motherboard.
    It had the very same effect as it had with you. Although the pin-out is exactly the same, the Laptop will not start up.

    Next Question: Which cpu's will fit on your (and mine) motherboard?
    I googled sum and found a List of Mobile Amd CPU's on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_AMD_mobile_microprocessors

    As you can see there are only a few S1G2 cpu's. They are called: Athlon x2 QL series, Turion x2 RM series and Turion x2 Ultra ZM series. There might be more but these are the only ones listed as thus by wiki. The ZM series were produced AFTER our laptop was produced, however since the TDP values are the same, it's my guess the whole serie should function properly.

    I've succesfully replaced my SI-40 for a RM-72 which is a Dual core cpu at 2,1 Ghz.
    On youtube you'll find Davin da Geek taking apart a cq 60 laptop. Watch his movies closely!
    When I had replaced my cpu, my laptop would start up normally and when it was just done doing so, it would switch off by itself and I was given the possibility to start up normal or start up in safe mode.

    Here's what I did. Replace the cpu. Start up normally. You might see a glance of "new hardwarew found..installing driver blablabla" then ur laptop will shut down. Now, start up again in SAFE MODE. Look in "Hardware". There you'll find 2 CPU's, the old SI-40 and the new one. Uninstall the old one (I did not " stop" it or remove it). Then, start up normally. My laptop started up normally now and it said " hardware installed succesfully" . My fan would spin irregularly but after a few minutes in ran more regularly. Core temps dropped somewhat. As I'm typing right now, core temps are a little over 50 degrees celsius and my fan is nearly quiet.

    Note: It may be possible (read: might be better, but not sure) if you'd start up after the replacement in Safe Mode straight away instead of normal mode as I did.

    Well..goodluck to you all!

  2. Sorry, I forgot.

    I used the stock bios which is F.31 Didn't even bother (or...did I forget?) to update it :)

  3. Hi Jacco!

    First of all i wana apologize for my bad english.
    Now to the question. I got also the idea to change the CPU in my laptop.
    The laptop is Compaq CQ60. So this is the CPU i bought AMD Turion 64 X2 RM 74 RM74 TMRM74DAM22GG 2.2G S1.
    I have looked it up and found that it is S1G2 socket as the original CPU but it doesnt work. Can you pls help me.

    Ty for helping!
  4. hello, I know it's even later but I thought this thread may be helpful. I asked the HP guys straight up because it's so hard to find reliable info, its a ll a bit *** on the marble (did I use that phrase right?)


    tl;dr AMD Turion RM-70 and RM-72 are ok
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