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hello i have a rampage 3 extreme motherboard the motherboard has 1 usb header onboard i need 2 more usb header spots in order to connect all my parts i know of a addon card] that has 1 extra header but i need 2 so if anyone knows of an addon card that has 2 usb headers please help
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  1. are you sure that it has 2 header if u look at the image it looks like there is only 1? if there is 2 it is exactly what i need.
  2. the one you listed only has 1 nine pin usb header that supports 2 usb ports
    i need to have 2 more 9 pin usb headers.
  3. Best answer has NZXT IU01 Internal USB Expansion (Black)

    @ web site

    This has 3 headers and 2 usb female ports and hooks to one set of headers off motherboard hope it helps
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