Geforce 240 GT. System hangs

I installed a new Palit Geforce 240 GT on MS 7525 v1.0 motherboard. (HP pavilion)
When system is booting I see the first picture with HP logos and in a second it hangs.
The same happens after ESC, F9, F10 and it does not let to go into safe mode.
Is there compatibility problems?
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  1. Driver is the very last.
    As for PSU it says 300 w.

    And system requirments say:
    Minimum 300W or greater system power supply

    Brand Palit
    Model NEAT2400FHD01
    Interface PCI Express 2.0 x16
    Memory Size 1GB
    Memory Interface 128-bit
    Memory Type DDR3
    System Requirements Minimum 300W or greater system power supply
  3. What is more strange, Palit itself says nothing about system requirements either on the site or in their instructions.

    In another forum I was advised to clean bios. It halfly worked. I saw another screen after HP logos - it was a message saying something like "bios default settings loaded". This screen is shown for a second after each cleaning and then the system hangs again.

    I thing that if I find a way to prevent default settins loading (in a month or so) I shall be a bit closer to the solution. :(
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