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hi i just recently installed windows 7 and i just check what version of directx i had. it showed that i had the version of directx 11....even though i have a 9800gtx+ that only has directx that fine?...i typed in search (dxdiag)..and also how would i know if im playing a game and its using the directx 10 version?...will my computer tell me that im running version 10 instead of version 9 or something? .please any comments would be appreciated
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    dxdiag is saying DX11 because your OS (windows 7) supports DX11, its not a referance to your cards direct X capabilities.

    If a game supports DX10 and you have a DX10 card then the game will run in direct X10 mode.

    Just to be clear, you need a DX11 OS and a DX11 graphics card and a game that supports DX11 to use DX11 features.

    You can tell some games to run in a certain DX mode by going to START>GAMES>RIGHT CLICK ON THE GAME>PLAY DX9/10/11
  2. ^ +1 what he said.
  3. so im using directx 10 right now even though it says windows 7 is capable of 11 correct?
  4. Yep
  5. thanks
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