Drive disappears (sometimes) WinXP

I have 2 x WD 1TB Caviar Blue drives on my WinXP box installed Aug 2011. The second one is just one huge partition that I use for internal backups of the other drive. It is Drive X. About once a week (or so), it simply disappears on me ... my backup software cannot write to it and file explorer doesn't show it. A reboot fixes the problem.

Any idea what is causing it to disappear?

Edit: corrected type of drive from Seagate to WD and added install date.
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  1. Check your connections make sure they are good but it can be a failing drive so run manufacturers diagnostics on it. Blue would be a WD drive not Seagate.
  2. Thanks Rolli - it was a WD drive. I added some details about when I installed it (Aug 2011). My old drive was failing and making horrid noises as well so I know about failing drives. This drive is super silent ... but I will run some diagnostics against it.

    Could it be my cheap connector?
    [StarTech 18in SATA to Right Angle SATA Serial ATA Cable (SATA18RA1)]
  3. It can be the cable but unlikely.
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