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I built a system a couple of years ago using the ASUS P6T SE motherboard. At the time, I ordered all new parts but a slightly used IDE DVD Drive. It had been working fine up until the last 6-8 months where I started noticing that it was not showing up in Windows 7. Upon further investigation, I noticed it wasn't even found in the BIOS and the drive would not have any power (to open the tray).

The longer this has gone on, the more often it's out of commission. However, oddly enough some days it'll be working.

I figured it was the drive so I popped it out yesterday finally and threw in a much older DVD drive. Funny thing is this thing has power (you can open the tray) but it's not found by the BIOS either. But I got thinking that:

A. The old DVD drive is probably set to Slave and is plugged into the black connector (forgot all about those stupid jumpers)
B. Could the old DVD drive be a 40 pin? Could I even plug an 80 pin cable into a 40 pin connector anyway?

I know the easiest answer here is go out and buy a $20 SATA DVD drive you fool.

If anything I'd like to see if I could get the old drive working in it but if should the BIOS still see the old drive if it's set to SLAVE and plugged into the black IDE connector?
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  1. you did change the ribbon cable right? it's possible your cable is bad.
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    well i would double check the power and data cables to make sure they are inserted firmly also ide devices have the master / slave property so make sure the jumper on the device is set to master as you only have one device on your IDE cable
  3. The ribbion cable do go bad, also after a few years it is also a good idea to cycle plugging in/reconnecting the Cable at both the MB and the Drive.

    yes need to set the drive to Master.

    80 Pin instead of the 40 pin cable should work, but accassionally cause a problem on older 40 pin drives.
  4. Get a new sata dvd burner on newegg for under 20.00

    if you buy oem make sure you have your sata cables they don't come with any :D
  5. avanluv said:

    I know the easiest answer here is go out and buy a $20 SATA DVD drive you fool.

    then get this:
    ASUS Black 12X BD-R 2X BD-RE 16X DVD+R 12X $89.99 $69.99 after mail-in rebate card $4.99 Shipping

    ok not exactly answering your question but couldn't help it :lol:

    hope you get it sorted.
  6. Thanks for everyone's help. I think I'll start by pulling out that old drive and switching the jumper to master (which I forgot to do).

    After that I'm beginning to think it's not worth putting to much effort into solving it and just bite the bullet and buy a DVD SATA drive.
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  8. Funny thing ........ I start up my computer and suddenly it recognizes the old drive. I didn't even take it out to change the jumper settings.

    Unfortunately I don't have a spare IDE cable to try.
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