Will ATI Ever Fix Gray Screen of Death?

Two days ago, I started getting the GSOD on my Sapphire 5850. I tried installing catalyst 10.1, the 10.1 hotfix, 10.2, and I even went back to 9.12. Nothing worked, I kept getting the GSOD and Verticle Line Corruption. In the end, I put in an older 5770 with no problems. Does anyone have an idea when this GSOD problem will be fixed? I hate having to use a 5770 for games, when I have a MUCH better 5850 sitting in it's box! :fou:
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    If this just started up, the card may be bad or have gone bad. You may want to try RMAing. You could try Cat. 10.3a as well.
  2. 10.3 doesn't work either. I'm going to RMA this card. Thanks!
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