Crossfire 2x8 vs 2x16

Im going to build a computer in phases, starting out with a single 5770 and later adding on more. The card I had in mind initially was the Asus M4A79XTD EVO. The problem(?) is that while youll get the 16x speed on the pci express bus with one card, youll only get x8 with two. Do you think this will affect the performance at all?

I will use 4g ram and a amd phenom II x4 965 cpu with this setup.

Thx for your input!
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  1. x8/x8 is absolutely fine with crossfire 5770's, You'd only be losing out on a noticable amount of performance if you were crossfiring super high end cards like 5970's.

    At most you'll loose 1-2FPS compared to x16/x16. Go for it : )
  2. That is a nice board. No issues running x8 x8. The 5770 doesn't use enough bandwidth to need x16 x16.
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