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So, currently my fathers computer is having a rather odd issue. The computer is acting extremely slow, when it boots normally it takes about 5 minutes to get past the windows logo and another 10 to get into the actual windows, much longer for anything to load. The resolution/color looks like safe mode, but it is not. system restore/lots of programs won't open, and no changes will save in msconfig.

Now I'm pretty convinced his HDD is going(It's a very old maxtor IDE HDD), but I guess it could also be corrupt windows files. What do you guys think?
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  1. Go to the Seagate website (they purchased Maxtor) and download the ISO file for the latest hard drive diagnostic. You can use that to make a bootable CD and test the hard drive.
  2. Actually, this can be closed now, just today Chkdsk actually managed to fix it, for now.

    The hard drive is dying, and the files were corrupting, chkdsk managed to restore every file on the disk.
  3. Still, running the disk check will help confirm if it is really the hard drive, or if it might be the controller or your memory going bad.
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