Case Suggestions: 7 to 10 HDDs plus SSD

I am looking for suggestions for a case for an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 Mobo system with 7 to 10 hard drives and SSD, one DVD burner. I've looked at Antec 1200 and Lian Li PC-P80 but am wondering what other options may exist to better serve. The system will be a Win7 i7-930 used for normal business and image processing. Price is not a big issue although under $400 is expected.
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  1. Thanks for the pointers.
  2. I personally don't know if such a cabinet exists.. May be you could put up some of the hard drives in a separate case.. Otherwise, getting a custom case built seems to be a good option..
  3. I'm thinking of getting fewer bigger drives and going with the Antec 1200 ... 2TB drives rather than 1TB as my goal is about 4TB in RAID5 and 6TB in RAID0 plus the SSD rather than fight it. I can always look into an external drive cage if I am pressed.

    You could add something like that to a standard full-tower. Assuming your case has 4 5.25" bays, you could have one of those as well as a DVD-RW Drive. On top of that, you'd have all the internal storage provided by the case.

    Just something to think about :)
  5. May be you can do with an external optical drive.. A little more room for internal arrangements and accommodation..
  6. I would presume you're using an add-in card for the extra hard drives, because that motherboard only has 6 SATA II connectors.

    Just thought I'd point that out to be on the safe side.
  7. You can always use 5.25" to 3.5" bay converters in order to use the 5.25" bays for HDDs.

    Sharkoon Rebel 12: 6x 3.5 + 11x 5.25

    NZXT Whisper: 9x 3.5 + 6x 5.25

    Silverstone Fortress SST-FT01B: 7x 3,5 +5x 5,25
  8. I thank you all. LePhuronn, yes, Adaptec 5805. I have the Antec 1200 in my office with eight 2TB harddrives and 160GB SSD just assembled today. Unfortunately, the case has no speaker and I am not getting a BIOS screen. Looks like I have some diagnosis ahead.
  9. Turns out the Antec CP1000 was bad ... no -5v on 20pin and no +5v on 4pin CPU. RMA'd to Newegg.
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