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$1500 Photoshop / Videos / Home Use PC Build (first build)

Last response: in Systems
April 16, 2010 1:09:41 AM


BUDGET RANGE: $1,000 to $1,500.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Photoshop, watching and some editing of videos, large spreadsheets, general home, business, and internet use. No gaming. It's common for me to have about 10 applications open at the same time, including dozens of browser windows.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitors.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Prefer Microcenter and Frys because they're local.




MONITOR RESOLUTION: Three monitors, all 23” and 2048 x 1152

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: A quiet, energy efficient PC would be great. This is my first build, so I'd like to buy everything at the local Microcenter or Frys (so I can easily take stuff back if I have any problems).

I've been doing tons of research into components, and here's what I have so far:

Intel Core i7 860

Motherboard: I need two PCI Express x16 slots.
Asus P7P55D Deluxe LGA P55

Memory: I want 8 GB, so I'll buy two of these kits.
OCZ Technology Platinum Low Voltage 4 GB DDR3-1600 (PC-12800) Dual Channel Memory Kit

Western Digital WD Caviar Black (WD1001FALS) 1 TB 7,200 RPM SATA 3.0 Gb/s

Graphics Cards: I have three monitors, so I will buy two of these graphics cards.
BFG Technologies GeForce 9800 GT 1024MB GDDR3 PCIe 2.0 Graphics Card with EcoIntelligence Low Power Design

Cooling Fan:
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Universal CPU Cooler

Power Supply: I checked Nvidia's website, and it looks like this power supply is ok for running two 9800GTs.
Antec True Power New 750w ATX Power Supply

Antec 300 ATX Mid Tower Case

Optical Drive:
Sony Internal SATA DVD+/-RW Drive

Total Cost: about $1,300

Also, I'll be using Windows 7 64-bit.

How does this build look?
April 16, 2010 9:17:23 AM

I would not buy...

The Nvidia 9800 is a hopelessly outdated part. It's slow, uses way too much power and doesn't support DirectX11.

I'd get an ATI 5000 series card, like the 5850. You're giving up too much features by going for such an outdated part.

April 16, 2010 2:11:20 PM

Silmarunya - is the 5850 really necessary for someone who doesn't do any gaming?

I see that the 5850 cards cost about $300. I could get one to run all three monitors (using a $100 active DP to DVI adapter). So, the cost of the 5850 plus the dongle will be double the cost of two 9800GTs. And, I'll have to deal with the silly dongle.

I guess I can get a 550w power supply if I'm only getting one graphics card. So, I'll probably switch to the Antec True Power New 550W -

I see that Microcenter has TX and HX 650w Corsair PSUs for a little cheaper than the Antec 550w. Maybe one of the Corsairs would be better, even though I don't need the 650w?