8800gts 640mb vs 9800gt 512mb

Hi all,
my bfg 8800gts 640mb went pop months ago and sent it back to bfg for a replacement. it took them 2 months to sort out the replacement as the card is discontinued. 2 weeks later i recieved the card but it was the wrong one, they sent a 8500gt 256mb. and someone else recieved mine so i sent this back. 4 months later and many problem i recived another card but once again not the one i sent, but this time its a 9800gt 512mb. they said i can keep this card in replacement to my 8800gts. just wanted you opinions on this and wether i should keep the card.

On the charts is does seem a bit better than the 8800gts and i am only gaming on 1280x1024.

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  1. The 9800GT outperforms the older 8800GTS/640. Keep it and be happy.

    Poke around the charts on Toms for closer look. http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/gaming-graphics-cards-charts-2009-high-quality-update-3/benchmarks,70.html
  2. ok thanks jay2tall, i looked at the charts before and noticed it was better than the 8800gts but i have always liked the 8 series but its time to change.

    thanks again
  3. The 8 series WAS good. I have a buddy who still uses an 8800GTX and runs VERY well. He actually had/has a few of them. They have been dying off though. The 9800GT is just a refresh of the 8800GT just with a smaller GPU die and similar performance. They are great cards as well and still hold their own.
  4. great thanks for the help
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