Corsair Dominator wrong timings

There's some CPU-Z Images.

The ram was at 666MHz before I went into the bios and Upgraded it to 800MHz which is what is supposed to run at.

While at 666MHz the timings were 9-9-9-24, they're supposed to be 8-8-8-24 at 800MHz. Obviously when I changed the MHz the timings shot up.

Any help? I've tried to mess with the timings a bit but It causes me not to POST

Thats the RAM

Any help would be awesome! Thanks

I've somehow managed to get them to Stock timings, but my plan when I bought them was to OC them, considering how difficult they were to get stock, I don't know if I will know.

Why in the world would the RAM be so underclocked off the get go. Seems Odd
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  1. I would leave the timings alone. Focus on the cpu and ram fsb. Timings tend to go up when you overclock, so don't be surprised if they change when you start overclocking.
  2. My Phenom II x4 is OC to 4.2 FSB 20% OC. All I want is to get what I pay for, so yes I'm going to worry about my timings.
  3. Some ram overclocks with the stock timings, but most won't. Try changing the ram voltage to 1.65, which is the safest recommended setting. If you get instability with the correct timings while overclocking, then you'll have to let the board choose the timings.
  4. Did you also change the memory voltage to 1.65v?
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