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SSD and network storage

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May 22, 2012 3:23:31 PM

First Question SSD:

I have some threads about proposed new builds for a PC. I am considering an SSD.

I was told not to get the 60 GB OCZ Agility 3. I read some reviews on it and agree.
Toms Hardware has the 120 GB OCZ Vertez 3 listed as a best buy of 2011. However, I saw some posts in my thread about how OCZ has a higher failuire rate. Does anyone here agree?

If so can someone recommend a 120 GB SSD drive that is comparable in price? I am more interested in it lasting longer than I am in how fast it is. Toms Had The Vertex 3 listed very high in performance.

Question 2: Network Storage and Old Hard Drives
I have a 1 TB, and 2x 250 GB SATA Drives. I have a few IDE drives in cages that connect through USB 2.0.

I have been using Acronis for backups of an old Windows XP PC. Acronis seems to have alot of trouble with USB drivers. When I boot off the CD to do a recovery, it does not recognize my external hard drive OR my USB Mouse (I switched to an older port based mouse). However, it can go across the network. so I plugged my USB drive with the backup into a windows 7 laptop I have for work and shared the folder.

This tells me I should probably be using network backups that plug into my router.
1. Can someone recommend an affordable cage (I don't need anything fancy and I'm not going to RAID it that can hold 4 SATA disks? I want to use acronis to do backups across the network to something I plug into my router.

2. Are there network drives I can buy that will let me plug an IDE drive into them? I have an 80 gb and a 10 gb sitting around the house. Not a ton of space, but I'm wondering if I can use them. If the cage is more expensive than the value of the drives, (which I'm guessing it is), then I guess I won't bother. What do you guys do with your older IDE drives?

3. I have a small 250 GB external drive that plugs into 2 usb 2.0 ports. I used it for backing up a mac laptop I had (that broke). Can this be plugged into a network drive of some sort (i doubt it).

basically, I have a bunch drives sitting around. I want to throw them in something that is affordable, plug it into my router, so I can stack them all in one place. I would want a container that can do RAID. I might want to mirror my backup drives.

Question 3: Backup software.
Does anyone know if acronis has issues with retoring from network drives? If so, any other tool you recommend? There is nortons ghost. Does that do incremental backups? Acronis will do an image and do incrementals.

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May 22, 2012 5:39:23 PM

idk much about SSD so im gonna answer some of your question 2

1) take a look at this d-link NAS on newegg, its capable of raid 0 raid 1 and jbod. I haven't used this myself so I don't know how reliable it is.

2) when you buy a NAS its either ide or sata. I don't think they make ide ones anymore. even if you could get an ide NAS it wouldn't be worth paying xxx dollars just to use 90gb of storage space. you'd really be better off saving that money for future hdd purchases or a NAS with more drive bays.

3) if you had a router with usb ports capable of sharing files you could just connect it to the router via usb and access the drive from all the computers on your network.
May 31, 2012 5:39:29 PM

i have verizon fios. i have to use their router. ill check to see if i have usb on it.

how would i find a usb device plugged into my router and map to it?