Help with audio problems on mac running xp w/bootcamp

Hey everyone, so i recently was updating the drivers on my mom's computer, it's an imac, late 2006 model (MA589LL) with intel core 2 duo 2.16 GHZ, with built in audio, my problem is after i installed the drivers the audio stopped working, i've tried almost 20 drivers and some of them have almost worked but then the installer gives the message "device could not start" i know there's nothing wrong with the speakers because if you boot it in mac it's fine. i got my cousin to take a look but he couldn't figure it out either and he's an avid computer guy (worked at geek squad for a while) i know my way around windows myself but this is making me scratch my head! i got drivers straight from the bootcamp updater from apple and that's the closest i've got but it's still not working, any suggestions/fixes! please!!
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