Computer keeps freezing up.

I reformated my computer like a week ago, with Windows 7 ultimate 64bit. Every so often the computer will completely stop what its doing. The screen will still show what was going on. But nothing will work, I can move the mouse or anything and my CPU monitor just stops, but the computer is still running. It stops and it makes this loud constant noise through my speakers. I want to say this is my graphics card doing the problem. I may think its the new ATI drivers..

Computer specs.

I7 930 at 4.0ghz.
6GB of dominator memory, triple channel.
p6x58d-e motherboard, by ASUS.
ATI Sapphire 5870. Stock speeds.
Tunic Tower extreme Cooler.
CM storm sniper case.

I reformatted because I was having issues with my keyboard lagging behind..

Thanks guys, Xion.
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  1. This is the issue I'm having.!v=WpyaJ3-CoOM&feature=related

    also I got a 650watt PSU. Corsair.
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