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So I have an asus p8p67-m pro and 2x Crucial M4 SSD 64gb that I want to set up in a RAID 0 array. I disconnected my intel SSD and my storage drive and just have the 2 crucials(in the intel sata 6gb/s gray ports) and the ODD connected as well. I followed a guide to 1. set to ahci mode. install windows 7 3.reboot and change sata config to raid 4.boot to intel raid with ctrl+I but the thing is it does not ever boot to it, all I'd get is a white cursor flashing or it would just be able to boot into windows from the installation. What steps am I doing wrong? Can anyone bring some insight to this or point me in the direction of a decent guide(i've looked at a few posted on some forums but nothing has worked since) I haven't set up a raid in about 10 years back on an AMD system. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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    I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that when setting up a RAID 0 you want to first specify the drives going into the raid through the Intel raid setup (which quick formats the drives) and then install Windows 7, not install windows first and then setup the raid. I could be mistaken, and considering I have my own thread here asking for assistance with a RAID 0 (not booting as fast as it likely should) then I might not be the best one to listen to.
  2. ^ You are right! The RAID must be set up first.
  3. Thanks I got it figured out, I had to change the way BIOS boots to Force Bios in order to see intell controller set up, ctrl + I I was able to set up and the raid is all done thanks for the help!
  4. Please keep in mind that RAID 0 is not failsafe; the loss of one disk will cause loss of all data.

    And, frequent and regular backups are a must regardless of the type of RAID in use. RAID is not a substitute for backups.
  5. Oh I know, it's purely an OS and D3 drive, thats what my 10TB of internal/external storage is for. Many backups! Thanks for the heads up though!
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