Pc crash after oc with msi?

I need help, i oc my card with msi afterburner, hd 7750, i set my core clock to 900hz (default is 800), and i leave the memory clock as it is, i adjust the fan speed to 81, and the power limit to 20%, and i get temps up to max 50 degrees, and when i play bf3, it will just crash.

My specs:
Intel core i5-3450 (not K)
mobo : intel DH77KC
psu: antec 750w
Gpu: powercolor hd7750 1gb

and my system has good air flow, what am i doing wrong?
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    Just because your card isn't getting hot, doesn't mean it's going to be stable. Going from 800mhz to 900mhz isn't going to get you very far if that GPU isn't going to handle the increase. Try starting at 815 and running Unigine Heaven in a window while watching the meters on Afterburner. Watch for artifacts (irregular textures, missing textures, and usually the most common are small bright and dark specs just popping up randomly across the display on all textures).

    If you're not showing artifacts and everything is running great, try another small bump in the speed. You did do a smart thing by only adjusting the GPU's clock and leaving the ram alone. Do one at a time so you can correctly monitor problems.

    From what I've heard the 7750 isn't a good clocker in the first place, so don't expect a giant overclock with it.
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