Best graphic card compatible with pentium 4

I want to know that which graphic card will be compatible with pentium 4 (2.4GHz)
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  1. pci-e or agp?
  2. vb_cute said:
    I want to know that which graphic card will be compatible with pentium 4 (2.4GHz)

    answer :GEFORCE 9500 GT OR 4650 ATI READION
  3. There's only one board I know of that can pair a pentium 4 socket 478 (which the 2.4GHz is) with PCIe and that's the Biostar P4M900. I'm going to assume you don't have that and that you're asking about an AGP card. If so, don't waste the money on a 9500GT (which doesn't even come in AGP) or a 4650 as a 2.4GHz P4 won't come anywhere near using either one of them. Your best bet is an HD3650 or an nvidia 6600GT (if you can find one). That said, there's an open box HD3850 on NewEgg right now for the same price as an HD3650

    You won't push it, but for the price...
  4. You could hunt on eBay for a 7800gs (agp only) which can play wow fairly well and is more than enough for most source engine games, I regret selling the one I had.
  5. You're not going to find a blazing fast AGP card, I would either stick to the current card/igp, or build a new system, and buy a pcie card.

    And even if you could make a 5970 AGP, (LOL), the 2.4ghz P4 would bottleck any decent card.
  6. Yeah, a 3850 AGP card, while nice (for AGP) would still be bottlenecked by this processor.
    Not to mention that the value of a 2.4 P4 is debatable (I upgraded my friends Socket478 motherboard to a 3.2 processor for $19.95).
    And it would be hard to recommend an upgraded P4 and an AGP video card. It would still be slow AND the cost would be too high.
    Like the last post said, save your money and buy something better.
  7. Thanks for agreeing with me
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    Its hd4850 . its has got 800 streaming processor and 1gb of memory . and the best part its bus is 1.0 x16 . so what do you think ?

    . i think this one suits you best. your p4 had pci-e slot?
  9. That's not AGP, He can't run it.

    And He doesn't need a new card, he needs a new build.
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