What model of SSD can I put in this MB?

Hi everyone, wich is the best model of SDD that I can put on this motherboard ---> FOXCONN A7DA 3 series <--- Only has SATAII :cry: . I'm going to use the SSD only for SO and all the small programs so 40gb or 64gb will be more than fine I guess. ( just in case, I have another HDD for games, music, videos, etc )
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    You can install a SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd. The SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd's are backward compatible with SATA 2 3Gb/s motherboards. There will be a slight performance hit but you probably won't notice unless you run synthentic benchmarks.

    Here is a link to today's best ssd deals:
  2. Oh awsome! I'll take the Crucial M4 64gb then :). Thank you so much.
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