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CPU and motherboard overheating, can't solve.

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June 24, 2010 2:43:33 AM

Recently I've been having problems with my CPU and Motherboard overheating. About a month ago, my CPU started getting hot under load and shutting down. Since then, It's been idle at around 50-55c. The motherboard usually Idles at about 50c now. I've tried everything I can think of. I have applied new thermal paste multiple times with different brands to no avail. I've applied it correctly using both AC MX-2 and AS5. I've also replaced the compound on the Nothbridge and Southbridge.

I'm using a total of 6 fans. 2 Coolermaster 120mm and 4 Scythe Ultra-Kaze 120mm. I have a 1 front and 2 side intakes, and 1 rear and 2 top exhaust. Prior to this problem it would idle at 30c and about 55c under load.

AMD Athalon 64 X2 5000+
Nforce 590 SLI motherboard
6gb Gskill ram
1TB Seagate SATA
2x 500GB WD (1 SATA and 1 IDE)
ATI Radeon 4670 1GB
OCZ ModXtreme Pro 650w

Any help would be great as I'm about to lose my mind. :) 
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June 24, 2010 11:23:34 AM

Try touching the cpu heatsink while idling. If you don't burn your hand, the problem may be the northbridge chipset. Newegg has a scythe 40mm northbridge fan for just $6.99 with free shipping. You might try that.
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June 24, 2010 3:56:38 PM

K8's will shut down somewhere around 120C. I tested this myself.
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June 24, 2010 4:38:56 PM

also, another thing to think about is: remove the heatsync, clean all the old thermal grease off the CPU and heatsync and replace it with artic silver or IC Diamond/anything that has a good rep. That should help with the CPU... Adding the fan to the northbridge would also help (like the other Poser stated).

Added: Well, since I didn't read your entire post... Try replacing the CPU's heat sync with an aftermarket one.
June 24, 2010 9:29:03 PM

It's not overclocked, I actually lowered the voltage to 1.25 to help with the heat issue. I suppose I will try an aftermarket cooler. Just seems odd that this happened so suddenly. It worked fine before. Ambient room temperature is around 23c. Even with a box fan blowing in the side of the case the temperature never comes down. Even six 120mm fans blowing at 3,000 rpm makes no difference. And the cpu fan is running at a constant 3,000 rpm.