5770 with 256bit memory

lets say what will be the performance increase of 5770 if it was fitted with 256 bit of gddr5 memory instead of 128 bit.

it might be on par with gtx 275 or may be the older gtx 280

what say guys
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  1. well don't worry about it since it won't happen
  2. ^+1

    Besides, such a card would generally be limited by it's ROPs anyway. We can see evidence of this by the fact that the 5830 generally performs closer to the 5770 than the 5850.
  3. but still guys its performance will be on par with 4890 coz both have same specs
  4. no i highly doubt that, even with the small memory bit width, it has roughly the same memory throughput, because it's gddr5 instead of 3 and the cores are slower in dx 10 because it's suppose to be optimized for dx 11
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