What PSU should I get?

What redundant power supply should I get for this motherboard?


I was planning on getting one of these two Dynapower PSUs but a member here ( http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/284555-28-will-full-tower ) told me it is not worth it because it is old technology.

Dynapower PSU




What should I look for in a redundant power supply?

My setup is two 640gb hard drives 3x 120mm fans, 2x 250mm fans for the case, a optical drive and a single xeon 5400 CPU and the Asus Dseb-dg mb.
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  1. Am not holding much info about redundant power supplies but looks like your build can easily be powered by a regular power supply like the Antec TP 550 or the Corsair VX 550.. If you are looking for 80+ certification then getting a Seasonic X-650 is the best deal which is 80+ gold certified.. If budget becomes an issue then there are cheaper but high quality options available such as Corsair HX 650..
  2. If you are looking for a redundant PSU, here you have another option:


    An UPS is a good complement for this kind of power supply (an UPS provides insurance against the power provided to the system going out, and a redundant supply provides insurance against the power within the system going out).
  3. I bought the Seasonic PSU and I when I get my server up and running I might by an UPS. Thanks a lot for the help.
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