Physical memory dump BSOD

I just got this BSOD, not the first time it's happened. My computer was build 2 days ago, so I think something may be faulty.
I've also have 'page error in unpaged area', but I think I've fixed that.

Looks like this:

at the bottom it tells me that my memory is being dumped, and shows progress, then shuts down.
Anyone know what this is/possible fix?
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  1. This is a stop error and is usually caused by bad memory. Run memtest86+ on each stick of RAM. Replace the defective sticks.
  2. Just curious whether this could be caused by a failed overclock? As it seems to be okay now. Windows memory diagnostic gave the the all clear also...
  3. My motherboard has a function which allows me to overclock, flick a switch and it overclocks the CPU by 20%, not the memory though... Could this be why I had the memory dump? My CPU is now stock again and everything is fine.
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