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Hi Guys

I am busy putting together the spec for a new htpc box. No games - only 720p/1080p content.

I have decided on an Antec NSK2480B case and will run a single 1TB disk as all the content will be on a sep NAS with gigabit network.

I am getting confused as to the motherboard/gpu/souncard options. I have been looking at the following:


Some questions

1) Is it better to look for mobo with onboard GPU like the MA X4500 or a Seperate Card like the Asus EAH5450 Silent/DI/1GD3(LP) HD5450 [ ]

1) Should I look to use mobo sound or get a sep sound card like the ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 [ ]

Appreciate any feedback.


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  1. CPU -
    AMD Athlon II X2 240/245

    Mobo with onboard graphics powerful enough for 1080p playback-
    M4A785TD-M EVO

    and first try out onboard sound, then buy a sound card...
  2. the only think I don't like about AMD in HTPCs is relatively high power consumption. The best compromise I found was intel's E3300 dual core celeron- rated at 65W TDP but tested at 19-20W idle and ~28W under load. You need a level of power to play Hulu HD and quicktime. If you're just playing bluray, then even a celeron 430 is enough.

    the A2 240/245 I think has enough power but I think it's actual power consumption is double the E3300.

    I have my E3300 coupled to a motherboard with onboard Nvidia 9300 graphics. It's good enough for hulu HD, 1080P quicktime, and bluray.

    other than the power consumption though, that motherboard is very good for HTPC. If power is not a consideration, then the above setup would work great.
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