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Help! My laptop won't turn on...

December 30, 2012 7:11:23 AM


I'm having a problem with my laptop which started a week ago where now when I turn it on the power button will light up telling me it is receiving power yet the hard drive icon will not light up nor the others. At the start I could just keep on manually shutting my laptop down by holding the power button and then starting it up again (continuously doing this) till the hard drive turns on but the time to start it up has been rising and rising. At the start it would only require a few restarts but now it will actually take an hour, also once the hard drive is on I can turn it off and when I press the power button it'll turn on no problem. The problem of the hard drive turning on only seems to occur once I shut it down and leave it alone for a few hours. I have read other forums and tried the remove adapter and battery and holding power button for 1 min and then plugging in adapter only and trying yet my laptop will still not work. Any ideas as to why?

My laptop is a 2yr old Samsung NP-R620H


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