Does the power cord for an 800w power supply matter?

Hi I have aAnd an Ultra Xfinity 800w

Trying to power this rig

E6600 2.13 Ghz processor
P5N-D motherboard
2x Evga 8800gts 320mb
4gb ddr2 800mhz RAM
HAF 922 (3 200mm Fans)
Hard Drive Cooler+fan controller
hard drive 250gb(not sure of the specs the sticker came off)
and whatever other miscellaneous parts I am forgetting.

It won't even power up at all (But the motherboard 'power light' is on), but I know it is a power supply issue because my friend powered it with his 850w Corsair. I was mentioning this to another friend today and he told me to make sure I am using the power cord that came with my 800w Ultra Xfinity and to check the voltage on it. I am 95% sure I AM using the same power cord it came with, but I have no way to be positive. My Question is what is the usual voltage on the power cord for an 800w power supply? Could this really be the problem?
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  1. How could a power cord be an issue.! The problem must lie with your internal connections.. Make sure all connections are proper and all devices are connected properly.. Check the power switch connection.. Those pins are tiny and easy to miss..
  2. Yeah, that's what I was saying in my head when my friend was telling me this. He basically said that certain cords have more voltage than others. I had never heard that before and am guessing isn't correct. lol. I'm pretty sure the connections are the same as they were when we powered it up using the 850w corsair, but i'll double check.
  3. There can be variations in rated cables or fuses when using the wrong cord, but chances are your PSU has packed in.
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    Cords alone do not have the ability to regulate the voltage. You can put any (reasonable) voltage down pretty much any cable. Your PSU will simply pull the ammount of amps it requires from the mains at what ever yours is at, ~200V. For this reason if enough power is there to light the led, there is enough of a connection to power your pc. (if the pc was poor it would heat up, mealt, and burn)

    Sounds like your PSU is dead. Easiest way to diagnose is to pop a spare PSU in and trying that, or put yours into a working pc.
  5. Yeah, when I flip the power switch in the back, the LED light on my mobo does go on. But, when I try to turn the rig on using the power button on the case nothing happens. I've checked the wires connected to the fpanel and they're the same as when we plugged it into my friends 850w corsair (when it worked). I guess when my friend comes over tomorrow we can do some more testing.
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