NVidia for PhysX and ATI for 3D?


Is possible in W7 built a system with 2 diferent GPUs and use one for PhysX and other for 3D in one game?

In W7 you can have 2 driver displays and switch between driver without boot, but is possible play with the two enabled?

I supose no, but someone has test this?
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  1. ATI so far doesn't utilize 3D as far as I know.

    But I do know you can use an older nVidia card (9600GT/GTS250) for PhysX whilst gaming with an HD5870 or any other ATI card. I'd imagine 3D would still be the same.
  2. There is a driver crack that allows you to use an Nvidia card as PhysX with an ATI primary card. Nvidia drivers disallow this by default which is why you need the driver crack. The only thing is that the Nvidia card sits there doing NOTHING unless the game actually uses PhysX, not to be mistaken with Physics. There are only a few games that actually incorporate this, Batman: Arkham Asylum being one of the noteworthy. I've actually seen a few reviews where having the card sit idle actually causes you to loose 1-2 FPS in some games.

    I had a link to this, but no longer do, I'm sure you could search it if you want to. I was actually going to try this with an 8800GTX for physX but honestly you end up with a card that just sits there sucking power unless you are playing a game that uses this. I don't play any games that use PhysX so it was pointless.
  3. thanks for the replies.

    Were can i find this driver crack?
  4. Just look for it through the search engine of your choice, yahoo, google. You will find it.
  5. As others have said, it's entirely possible to run a dedicated PhysX card alongside an ATI main card.

    Although given the near-zero benefit of this going forward, I'd save the money and the trouble and do something useful with it. For the $100 or so you'd spend on the second card, you could probably afford a prostitute, or stay drunk for a week -- either of which will be more enjoyable and put less strain on your PSU.
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