X-Fi Elite Pro Problems

Hi all,

I've been working on this issue going on 9 hours now and I still can't figure out what is wrong...

I'm working with Windows 7 64-bit

Earlier today I was watching a video on VLC and all of a sudden the sound went out, I then load up a song and notice that the spectrum is moving but no sound is coming out of my speakers. I reboot and still same issue, I try to have windows fix a problem but they don't detect any problems. I then remember just yesterday my creative update thing popped up and asked me to install stuff such as ALchemy and Console Launcher so I decide to uninstall all creative programs and drivers and start over.

Pain ensues, I install the files found here:
but after the installation restart i get an error next to my volume icon that says No Audio devices detected. I check the device manager, next to the sound bullet I get the error Device cannot start (code 10). Creative auto update pops up so I install everything they suggest and when I restart I come back to square 1 where the machine doesn't notice anything wrong but sound refuses to come out of my speakers. I've basically done this 5x now installing/uninstalling stuff in different orders but I run into the same problem every time.

I was able to get sound to work when I loaded up ubuntu, so I can rule out hardware failure. Any ideas as to what I can do with these drivers to make this work? Thanks in advance.
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  1. Do what I did - return the X-Fi for credit. Went back to my on-board audio is quite good.
  2. How about you let windows update install the drivers for your sound card.. Remove the drivers completely (use driversweeper, ccleaner, revo uninstaller).. Reboot the pc and let windows detect the sound card.. Then check with windows update.. It'll list a driver installation for your card.. Do it and check again..

    P.S. - You might try putting up your card in other pci plot (if available)..
  3. Ubrales - well I actually have had this card for over a year so its a little late for me to return.

    Emperus - I have tried letting Windows install the drivers but it gives me the same issues, I've also tried switching around the PCI slots to no avail.

    I've tried installing a new copy of windows 7 on another partition and it actually gives me the same problem even on the fresh install, so I have no idea what the issue is, it makes no sense to me.

    One thing I've picked up on is that the computer will play system sounds until I try to play music/video or load up a website with sound such as youtube, then everything goes silent again and I have to restart to either get the unable to start error or i get the temporary system sounds.

    I've been trying to contact Creative but their CS is slow as can be.

    any other ideas?
  4. Sell the Creative card and get a ASUS, HT Omega, or Auzentech model. Its not like the Elite Pro is a top-tier card anymore anyways...

    Seriously, its Creative and driver problems; the only fix I evne bother to recommend is driver sweeper to kill all things belonging to Creative followed by a clean driver install.
  5. There are very many complaints with creative X-fi sound cards post vista.. Its surprising.. More because my 6 year old sound blaster live 24 bit ran perfectly through vista and is serving without any problems on win 7 64 bit..
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