Can I upgrade?

Ok I bought a PC from about a year or less ago. Exercising my own ignorance in PC hardware I bought a graphical wimp :( On top of that the graphics card is built in, or so I'm told. So I'm not even sure I can upgrade the graphics with a new card. I've no idea about specs beyond the print out that came with the computer.
Systemax Venture VX6i Series
Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66GHz 3M 1066MHz Processor
3GB DDR2 800MHz PC6400 Memory (2GBx1,1GBx1)
Intel BLKDQ45EK Mini ITX Motherboard
Windows 7
250GB 7200RPM 3G SATA II Hard Drive
Thats how it's printed I've no idea if that helps or not. Can/should I buy a new graphics card?
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  1. no sorry you cant that board doesn have a pcie slot so its gonna have to be a new board most likely a new power supply and new OS and possibly a new case
  2. *Sighs* I don't really have the cash atm. I guess there will be no Star Wars: The Old Republic for me. What is point of living without it? :pfff:
  3. Yeah you are sort of stuck. I checked that brand out on TigerDirect and they but REALLY small power supplies in them as well. You would have to upgrade that as well in order to accommodate a graphics card. Otherwise you would possibly get a cheap LGA775 motherboard and put it in that case, but you are just throwing money at that same system. Might be a good idea to just save for a budget gamer. I put one together for someone on here for $600 in parts. $700 with the OS and it was an awesome build.

    The brand you got seems a little overpriced for what they are selling really.
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