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Well, as payday is getting closer (Friday) I was considering getting a new CPU/ Processor. Currently have an AM3 AMD Athlon II X2 250 and I was thinking about getting the Athlon II X3 435 and for pretty much the same price I paid the the X2 250 in March. This was my first computer build and I had made it for gaming. I've put a lot of money into it and I don't feel the need of going completely overkill, as I have the main components to run my games (23" 1920x1080 monitor and an XFX 5850)

Basically, in short, would I see a big improvement from the X3 435 from the X2 250? Or would it be minimal and I wouldn't be satisfied. I mostly play Bad Company 2, Call of Duty 4 and World at War and quite possibly, Call of Duty Black Ops if they can spice it up a bit for me, before they release it.

I used to have a 750MHz Overclock on this processor (X2 250) but I broke my heatsink, so I'm back to stock speeds now.

Any helps/ answers or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. +1 for ct1615's suggestion. I play both CoD4 and BFBC2 on different computers (e8400 and PhenonIIX4 955BE) and BC2 plays better on the quadcore.

    If you're going to do video editing/encoding later, skip the X3 go right into the 6core for $40 more than the 955BE.
  2. I'll second that. I don't think it's worth the upgrade. I'd save the money for a bigger upgrade in the future.
  3. Nothing is quite as rewarding as a processor drop-in upgrade. You can stage this out if you want, but I would agree that the Athlon II X3 will only be marginally better than the X2, while the Phenom II would be a huge improvement for not a whole lot more money.
  4. I'm not getting my hopes up of being able to unlock the CPU into a Phenom Quad or an Athlon Quad, with 6MB of L3 (I know, it doesn't affect game play now, but for later on) But with the possibility there, it sounds like a deal to me. I have grown tired of the X2 250 and have heard of great success of unlocking the 435, I have placed my order and should see it tomorrow morning on my front porch.

    I have had this CPU Overclocked up to its max of 3.75GHz and I didn't exactly see much of a difference in my gaming and I broke my HDT Heatsink(please don't so I had to bring it back down to stock speeds and voltages. I'm using an "Apache" from Xigmatek and it doesn't exactly out perform the stock cooler by much... So not much head room for Overclocking with it.

    If bills weren't in the way or I was being payed more, I would go out and by a Quad or even a 6 core CPU and have myself set for quite some time, but that not being the case, I'm settling for the X3 435, thanks for all the replies and answers; they're appreciated.
  5. Well, I unlocked the X3 435 into an AMD Phenom II Deneb Quad Core.

    It's an X4 B35 Processor :) Definitely not a drop in performance what so ever.
  6. Very nice, I unlocked my girlfriend's x3 into a Phenom II x3 (couldn't get the core stable but the L3 worked fine stress stable).

    L3 does help a bit in games, even today. But yes, they will more so in the future.

    Notice in this bench the L3 helps bring the 550 on top even with half the L2 of the Athlon II. The exception however is FarCry2 which loves L2.

    Gratz on your upgrade and if you stay stable good job on the best price/performance ratio in CPU history. :)
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