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Sorry for the lousy description but it's the most descriptive. I'll give a few examples of what I mean. I go to and try to watch Legend of The Seeker (great show by the way if you aren't watching it), when the page comes up that has the player on it, while it's loading the video I'm not able to scroll up and down on the web page smoothly (it will jump when it eventually moves). Video is unwatchable it's like seeing every other second of video. Now I have tried other sites foxnews, cnn, msn, youtube all video is unwatchable. Games are the same thing, DDO is basically unplayable as well as Age of Empires (yes the original, I dug it out to test and even that pauses which ran great on my old 233 MMX processor).
I have a P4 3.2 Prescott Processor
2 GB of RAM (I've tried single and dual channel, don't have the specs handy)
a Asrock motherboard P4i65PE-M (was the only one I could find for my processor when my Asus died)
Win XP Home
512 MB Nividia 7550 AGP 8X video card (Think it's BFG, I'm at work so doing this by memory)
onboard and have used a Soundblaster sound card
SATA 150 Hard Drive (Maxtor can't remember the exact model)
450 Watt Power Supply

My wifes system works fine, Celeron D 2.4(?) with a 128 ATI 9550 Card, tried swapping those out with mine last night as they are both compatable, and no improvement.

I've changed out everything but the HardDrive in the last 4 months.

I would really like to get another year out of this before I throw in the towel and buy a new one. Help would be greatly appreciated as I'm to the point I'm going to throw it out into the road in front of a tractor trailer.
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  1. I was thinking of trying out 2 Maxtor IDE or SATA Drives, 1 for the OS and the other for other apps/programs. Basically just keeping Windows on a drive all by it self, any thoughts on that?
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