HP/COMPAQ DC7100 small form factor no video issue, loop of 5 beeps, stays powere

I just bought a HP dc7100 from Ebay, seller refurbished, with 1gb RAM (4x 256mb), a 40GB 7200 RPM HDD, and the standard rest of the system. I opened the box when it arrived, and instantly opened the case to replace on of the 256mb RAM sticks for my 1GB stick. The 1 GB stick was compatable, and came from my piece of crap Dell dimension 3000. The machine ran GREAT for a week. So, Christmas rolls around, and my Dad got me a 1 TB Black sticker SEAGATE BARRACUDA, but we coulden't ghost the old HDD, so we just installed windows XP pro 32bit. I went to the HP website for drivers and got them for integrated audio, video, and I'm pretty sure something for a mobo update. I restarted the system, and everything went well. XP recognized the HDD, and I was in the middle of downloading a game patch, and the monitor went blank. It's not my monitor that has the problem, because it works just fine. Now, when I boot the system up, I get no video output, and I hear a loop of 5 beeps. I already tried HP support, but cleaning out the RAM, and trying each stick individually does NOT work. My Dad says that the mobo may have been reset. Can anyone please help me? I NEED this fixed within a few days, because I need that machine to work with a few buddies on some homework over break.
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  1. Reset the CMOS by removing the battery on the mobo for a little while, put it back and try again.
    Reseat the video card.
  2. No, that didn't work, I let it sit out for 5 hours, and the video card is integrated. My dad said that he'll bring home a vid card from his work on tues, but the beeping continues. Should I just wipe the HDD, and get a new mobo?
  3. still nothing, got anymore ideas?
  4. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261145-13-read-posting-boot-problems
    Eventually remove the CPU and reseat it with new thermal paste.
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